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SS316L CM50 Wire Duct Raceway

SS316L CM50 Wire Duct Raceway

Advantages For wire duct raceway, we promised: ★ Vichnet is the only Manufacturer certificated with UL CE for wire duct raceway in China.


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For wire duct raceway, we promised:
★ Vichnet is the only Manufacturer certificated with UL CE for wire duct raceway in China.
★ 10 Years warranty for wire duct raceway and Optical Fiber Cable Tray.
★ ISO9001, GMC approved management system for Wire Mesh Cable Tray.
★ The appointed supplier of Google, Microsoft, SIEMENS, ADM, COCACOL.
★ The first Wire Mesh Cable Tray manufacturer applied MFDC for welding.
★ Customers spread over 100 countries, even in Japan market.

Advantage for stainless steel wire duct raceway
★ We buy material from factory directly to avoid fake stainless. We ask material certificates when we order it.
★ We have salt spray test machine and liquid tester to rest the material.
★ We have a special way for stainless steel producing.
★ We do SGS test for batch order.
★ Wire mesh cable tray is our only one product. It's our company life.

1)How can I know good or bad use of stainless steel?
Vichnet stainless steel wire mesh cable tray material have SGS certification
2)How the use of stainless steel in the kind of environment?
Vichnet stainless steel wire mesh cable tray can use anywhere specially food industry and the acidic environment of high corrosion.

图片1.jpgVichnet SS316L wire duct raceway management is one of the worthwhile suppliers for your projects.If you trust professional and innovate wire duct raceway management solutions provided by Vichnet,you can focus on cost and quality and flexibility and regulatory challenge.Now Vichnet gradually become the captain of the wire duct raceway manufacturer and supplier. One of the reasons Vichnet has generated a strong reputation is down the pursuit of excellence in offering true value to potential customers and clients. After coming back to China,our boss,James Yu,se up his own company and brand-Vichnet.Like the other wire duct raceway supplier ,we just made profits at first and never thought what we could brought to the whole industry. We wanted to do something right,little did we know how hard this would actually be.The concept was simple ,we would turn down work we lacked experience in or we would point people in the direction of others who were better positioned to carry out the task .but we found it was hard to put into practice.So at the beginning,we were almost lost and missed out in wire duct raceway industry.Fortunately, the staff found out the problems an came to realize there was something we need to do for the industry.We built the Vichnet's vision,mission and values and it became the principle for Vichnet 's run.It brought the unexpected and great change to the wie duct raceway industry.We guessed there was an element of truth in the statement. As a company and the wire duct raceway supplier we've made mistakes,there was a few times we've nearly gone under,but finally we can hold our heads up high in a domain fulled with competitive and international company and brands. If you want to know about Vichnet's products and culture,please do not hesitate to contact us.


Professional as one of the leading ss316l cm50 wire duct raceway manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and low price products in stock with our company - GUOMEI, which can offer you the products customized service.

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