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SS316L CM150 Electrical Wire Raceway

SS316L CM150 Electrical Wire Raceway

1.Loading capability of Vichnet ladder cable tray(Kg/meter) CM150((height=150mm,wire diameter=5mm)


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1.Loading capability of Vichnet ladder cable tray(Kg/meter)

CM150((height=150mm,wire diameter=5mm)


For electrical wire raceway, we promised:
★ Vichnet is the only Manufacturer certificated with UL CE for electrical wire raceway in China.
★ 10 Years warranty for electrical wire raceway and Optical Fiber Cable Tray.
★ ISO9001, GMC approved management system for electrical wire raceway.
★ The appointed supplier of Google, Microsoft, SIEMENS, ADM, COCACOL.
★ The first Wire Mesh Cable Tray manufacturer applied MFDC for welding.
★ Customers spread over 100 countries, even in Japan market.

Advantage for stainless steel wire mesh cable tray
★ We buy material from factory directly to avoid fake stainless. We ask material certificates when we order it.
★ We have salt spray test machine and liquid tester to rest the material.
★ We have a special way for stainless steel producing.
★ We do SGS test for batch order.
★ electrical wire raceway is our only one product. It's our company life.

1)How can I know good or bad use of stainless steel?
Vichnet stainless steel wire mesh cable tray material have SGS certification
2)How the use of stainless steel in the kind of environment?
Vichnet stainless steel wire mesh cable tray can use anywhere specially food industry and the acidic environment of high corrosion.

图片1.jpgVichnet SS316L electrical wire raceway system has a wide range of applications,such as food industry and energy industry.In general for its superior character,it usually regards as the most reliable choice for the even rigorous solutions and never make our customers and clients disappointed.Compared with other electrical wire raceway suppliers,one of the most significant reasons is that our electrical wire raceway certificated with UL,it means that our products can be knew and accepted by the larger area of clients. Vichnet electrical wire raceway systems believe in offering their clients extraordinary service and it goes beyond what's expected of them.The customers and clients feel that a obvious part of buying  products is the service level that they receive from us.There are two price models and some electrical wire raceway suppliers usually offer a similar product with a lower price.Vichnet believes in offering a high quality product that usually exceeds the competition.We has the confidence to charge accordingly and will knowingly tell customers and clients that we don't offer the lowest price.We offer value based on you get what you pay for.Vichnet electrical wire raceway systems tend to have close relationship with our buyers with expertise and service being a major part of the client experience. We often ask our clients if they are happy and satisfied with our electrical wire raceway and service.Some clients would be trying to leverage an offer from another supplier to their advantage,such as lower price.They may actually want to keep doing business with us and they just want to expect a price reduction.But Vichnet sticks to our reliable price because of our electricla wire raceway products superior and irreplaceable quality. At the Vichnet,we try our best to meet our clients' requirement .So if you want to learn more about our electrical wire raceway,please contact us freely.

Professional as one of the leading ss316l cm150 electrical wire raceway manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and low price products in stock with our company - GUOMEI, which can offer you the products customized service.

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