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Straight-wire edge Electrozinc CM25 Wire Mesh Tray

Straight-wire edge Electrozinc CM25 Wire Mesh Tray

1.Loading capability of Vichnet wire baskets(Kg/meter) CM100(height=100mm,wire diameter=5mm)


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1.Loading capability of Vichnet wire baskets(Kg/meter)

CM100(height=100mm,wire diameter=5mm)


2.Vichnet Advantages

For wire mesh cable tray, we promised:

★ Vichnet is the only Manufacturer certificated with UL CE for Wire Mesh Cable Tray in China.

★ 10 Years warranty for Wire Mesh Cable Tray and Optical Fiber Cable Tray.

★ ISO9001, GMC approved management system for Wire Mesh Cable Tray.

★ The appointed supplier of Google, Microsoft, SIEMENS, ADM, COCACOL.

★ The first Wire Mesh Cable Tray manufacturer applied MFDC for welding.

★ Customers spread over 100 countries, even in Japan market.

Advantages for EZ wire mesh cable tray

★ We draw down 8mm wire to 5mm to smooth and strengthen the wire.

★ There is no tolerance of our tray size and wire diameter.

★ Our zinc coating is non-toxic and 12μ up, surface uniform.

★ Environmental protection, and it can be passed Rohs test.

★ Most of our clients come to us from other suppliers because the powder coating quality problem.


Why the EZ wire mesh cable tray have get rusty ?Because the get rusty cable tray have less than 5um zinc coating ,but Vichnet EZ wire mesh cable tray more than 12um zinc coating.


wire mesh tray.jpgA Data center used wire mesh tray is dedicated to housing hundreds to thousands of servers. They have backup power supplies, environmental controls and security devices. Using a server in a data center has the additional benefit of allowing your hardware to be managed by the data center wire mesh tray team, giving you peace of mind. If you are looking for data center of wire mesh tray solution, you can consider us. 

There have many data center's wire mesh tray projects we did for our clients, like; hospital, bank, factory, production line, etc. Some of our clients who are not professional in this field, and we give material suggestion according to different projec suggestion according to different projects apply, and then send our technical team to the project sites to help our clients how to install for every step and teach them step by step, until finished their installation.

1.10 years warranty for wire meshtray and fiber runner.

2.Only certificated manufacturer with UL for wire meshtray

3.Vichnet products are applied in more than 50 companies from the top of 500.

Professional as one of the leading straight-wire edge electrozinc cm25 wire mesh tray manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and low price products in stock with our company - GUOMEI, which can offer you the products customized service.

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