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What Is A Cable Tray? Nov 22, 2016

Cable Tray is an intelligent building weak electricity system, usually with multiple information and communication facilities such as BA (building automation) and OA (Office Automation), CA (communication Automation) systems, such as, cable tray into slots style, tray and ladder type structure, bracket, bracket and mounting accessories and so on.

Selection Shi should note Bridge frame of all parts whether meet series, and General of, and standardization of sets requirements, buildings Bridge frame can independent erection, also can attached in various built (frame) built real and tube Gallery bracket Shang, should reflected structure simple, styling beautiful, and configuration flexible and maintenance convenient, features, all parts are needed for plating zinc processing, installation in buildings exposed days of Bridge frame, if is in near beach or belongs to corrosion district, is material must has anti-corrosion, and resistance moisture.