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Connector Insulator Material Jun 27, 2017

  Connector insulator Material

  Usually have: PBT, nylon, ABS, PC, LCP and other materials, but in principle, the use of better flame retardant material.

  A. PBT Material:

  Commonly used PBT material plus $number glass fiber, with anti-cracking and impact resistance, electrical power, its good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good lubrication effect, oil resistance to chemical resistance. Connector The Shan has good dielectric strength at high temperature and humidity. Its shrinkage rate is between 0.6%-3%, its temperature resistance is about 230 Shan. Good formability and flame-retardant. It is the connector products commonly used rubber.

  B. NYLON66, Nylon6t, PC, LCP:

  Its shrinkage rate is 1%-0.3%, high temperature-resistant PBT, commonly used NYLON66 temperature 260, Nylon6t temperature 280, LCP temperature 290-320. But its water absorption is larger, commonly used for high-temperature and pitch products (such as SMD, Housing, PLCC and other products)

  C. ABS Material:

  With good impact toughness, oil resistance, wear resistance, easy molding, hard quality, good rigidity, temperature resistance of 100 Shan, generally used in connectors auxiliary products.

  (2) Common defects in injection molding and their causes

  Common molding defects are the following: plastic parts have dark or black liquid, surface is not smooth, overflow, plastic forming incomplete, Connector bubble or scorch, gravure, stitching or plastic parts tightening in the mold and so on. Its main reasons are divided into three parts: the factors of injection molding machine, the factors of mould, the factors of glue.

  (3) Composition and performance of connector contact parts

  Connect the material: plug with metal connector materials, generally in principle, mainly brass, but the special requirements of the high number of times, and long life time period phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, etc. can be used. This paper introduces the types and nature of copper materials in the industry at present.

  1. Brass--copper and zinc alloy, the total color due to the content of zinc varies.

  A. Brass--zinc-containing 25, the most suitable for normal temperature processing.

  B. Brass---containing tin $number, Connector the most suitable room temperature processing, the market on the sale of copper, bronze rods are.

  2. Bronze------copper and tin alloys, the color of tin varies.

  Generally speaking, copper alloys except brass are called bronze.

  Phosphor bronze----phosphorus in bronze, resistance to abrasion, but too much phosphorus, it is difficult to cast, the composition of the tin 8tians 12, phosphorus 0.5.