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Connector Form And Structure Is Ever-changing Nov 02, 2017

The connector is a component that we frequently contact with an electronic engineering technician. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve a predetermined function. The connector is an indispensable part of an electronic device, and as long as the current flow path is observed, you will always find one or more connectors. Connector form and structure is ever-changing, with the application of objects, frequency, power, application environment, etc., there are different forms of connectors. For example, the connector on the pitch and the connector of the hard drive and the connector that ignites the rocket are quite different. But no matter what kind of connector, must ensure that the current smooth and continuous flow of reliable. In the optical fiber system, the carrier of the transmitted signal is light, glass and plastic instead of the wires in the ordinary circuit, but the optical signal is not only limited to the current. The connectors are also used in the pathways, and they function the same as the circuit connectors.

Imagine what if there is no connector? In this case, the circuit must be permanently connected together by continuous conductors. For example, if the electronic device is to be connected to the power supply, it is necessary to fix the ends of the connecting wires with the electronic device and the power supply by some means (for example, welding). In this way, both for the production or use, have brought a lot of inconvenience. Take the car battery as an example. Assuming that the battery cable is fixed on the battery, the car manufacturer adds to the installed battery and increases the production time and cost. Battery damage need to be replaced, but also to the car to the repair station, desoldering the old demolition, and then welding the new, to pay more labor costs. With the connector can be a lot of trouble, from the store to buy a new battery, disconnect the connector, remove the old battery, install a new battery, re-connect the connector on it. This simple example illustrates the benefits of the connector. It makes the design and production process more convenient and flexible, reducing production and maintenance costs.

The development of the connector should be miniaturized (due to the small and lightweight development of many products, the pitch and appearance of the size, height have a certain requirement, which the product requirements will be more sophisticated, such as wire-to-board the most Good choice of small spacing 0.6mm and 0.8mm), high density, high speed transmission, high frequency direction. Miniaturization refers to the connector center spacing is smaller, high density is to achieve large core number. High-density PCB (printed circuit board) connector The total number of effective contacts up to 600 core, dedicated devices up to 5000 core. High-speed transmission refers to the modern computer, information technology and network technology requirements signal transmission time scale rate of up to MHz band, pulse time to sub-milliseconds, so require a high-speed transmission connector. High frequency is to adapt to the development of millimeter-wave technology, RF coaxial connectors have entered the millimeter-wave operating frequency band.