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Cable Tray And Erection Of Pipe Parallel To The Attention Of Nov 22, 2016

Cable Tray with different channels when set up in parallel, the net distance according to the actual situation to meet different requirements:

1. cable trays and process piping (such as a compressed air pipe) parallel set up no less than 400mm.

2. cable trays and corrosive liquids pipeline parallel erected not less than 500mm.

3. cable trays should not be conveying corrosive liquids pipelines below or corrosive gas pipe above the parallel installation. When these cannot be avoided, should not be less than 500mm. Corrosion and application partitions.

4. cable trays set up parallel to the heating pipes, heating pipes with insulation layer not less than 500mm, no insulation not less than 1000mm.

5. cable trays should not be installed above the heating pipes, cannot be avoided when needed in parallel above the heating pipes should be not less than 1000mm, heat insulation measures to be effective.